Hello and welcome in my blog website.  I am Anderson Ogwedhi and glad that i am finaly capable to share with the world my journey of food ethusiams.

Well first i would like you to know more about me . Brought up at the coast part of Kenya, where all the beautiful beaches are found, i would see tourist of all natures flocked and eating all kinds of  food. Just by the look of the food coulor , the presantation indeed you will fall in love with what was presented o the plate. from getting to taste different foods of different national;ities and tribes ,i really wanted to to know  how to prepare them.

Interest grew wide and wide and finaly managed to join the best hospitality college within my area.Yah thats BIHC incoparation with BHMS of switzerland. Am glad i finaly got the chance and happy that i can share my eperiences right from the isk(instructional kitchen) and my ups and downs in school to bring about the creativeness that the world has not seen in me. Welcome to the world of food.

Hopefully that you are going to enjoy the journey along with me.


Anderson Ogwedhi.

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